About Us

Portside Finance

has two TOP Priority Goals

1. To be the best in the area of Small Loans- Personal Finance!

2. To provide the best possible experience for YOU when you need a personal loan!

We want you to remember the great experience you have when you receive the MONEY you need.


pretty girl with money in hand ready to loanJust like life, there are always unexpected financial situations that come up.  We want to give you amazing service each and every time you need a loan!

We have a sincere interest in you and your loan needs.  We will always treat you fairly. Our staff will welcome you into our office!  After all, we are your friend and we want to help! You will always find our staff has a positive attitude, we love helping people!

Installment lending first started in the middle of the 19th century and we have carried on that tradition by being fair to our clients.  We want to make you a loan! We want you to achieve success in all areas of your life, especially the financial ones.

Find a location near you and stop in.  Get to know our staff and see the great options for financial success we offer. If you need money, you need us!